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  • How should I train for the event? Are there any training runs scheduled ?

    To be announced.

  • How much is the Prize money ?

    To be announced.

  • You have mentioned that one should include “hill-runs” in the training. There are no hills in my area. How should I train for the same, if I want to run and train for the PNB METLIFE SHHM ? Please suggest an alternative if possible.

    You can look out for man-made slopes like parking lots, ramps etc. You can also run on a Treadmill with an inclined ramp. Alternatively, running up and down stairs in a building ( gradually increasing the number of stairs and speed ) is also a good strategy.

  • What are the Medal categories in the Half Marathon event ?

    We have three categories of medals in the Half Marathon event, according to the Cut-off times, as follows : HILL CHAMPION — UPTO 2 HRS ( 2:00:00 ) [ FINISHERS BEFORE 08:00 AM ] HILL CONQUEROR – 2 HRS TO 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ( 2:00:01 TO 2:30:00 ) [ FINISHERS FROM 08:01 TILL 08:30 AM ] HILL CHALLENGER – OVER 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ( 2:30:01 AND ABOVE ) [ FINISHERS AFTER 08:30 AM ] NOTE : The above criteria apply to both male and female runners, across all age groups. The GUN TIME will be considered for the allotment of the Finisher’s medals (NOT CHIP TIME)

  • Can I collect my Race kit on any other day ? Can my friend collect it for me ?

    The race kit can be collected only on 12th September 2020, at the Race Expo. It cannot be collected either before or after that ( NOT on race day) It is not possible for us to courier the Race kit or hand it over to any unauthorized person. If you are unable to collect your race kit personally, you can send a person with the Authorisation letter , duly filled in and signed by you , to collect it on your behalf. The Authorisation letter will be available for download on our website & also emailed to you in due course.

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    SHHM 2021 has been rescheduled for 12th December 2021 (subject to the requisite permissions from concerned Authorities). Registration details will be announced in due time. Let’s Hope and Pray for everyone’s safety & Health !