JBG SHHM 2024 is scheduled on September 1, 2024 at 6:30 am. Final Registrations are now CLOSED! For help related to your registration, please email our registration partner at [email protected]
JBG SHHM 2024 is scheduled on September 1, 2024 at 6:30 am. Final Registrations are now CLOSED! For help related to your registration, please email our registration partner at [email protected]


अहं योद्धाऽस्मि
(I am a Fighter)

Are you a fighter? Or know someone who is one?

Join us in the celebration of courage and perseverance. Share your story, support your fellow fighters, and be part of a movement that uplifts and empowers. Because every step we take is a testament to the fact that we are fighters, and we will continue to fight, no matter what challenges come our way.

JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon

Welcome to the JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon – where the beauty of the Western Ghats meets the thrill of endurance running. Our annual event, held in the scenic city of Satara every September, is a celebration of human strength, perseverance, and the power of community.

Check out SHHM Editions through the years. Result links and more details inside.

Successes of this community-driven, beloved hill half marathon of India.

Relive memories of the past through photos and videos from previous editions.

India's 3rd Biggest Half Marathon

A success story spanning 12 glorious years from 2012 – 2023, JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon is creating new records & setting high standards for Community-based Running Events in India.

Largest community-organized running event

In the vibrant world of community-organized marathon events in India, one stands tall above the rest - the JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon. Born from the passion and dedication of local runners, SHHM has ascended to the very pinnacle of India's running scene.

2nd Largest running event in Maharashtra

Second only to the iconic Tata Mumbai Marathon (TMM), SHHM is a force to be reckoned with in the vibrant and inspiring world of running events in Maharashtra.

3rd Largest Half Marathon in India

Amidst the pounding footsteps and racing hearts of thousands of runners, the JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon (SHHM) has emerged as a formidable force in India's running scene, securing its spot as the third largest event in the country. With 5612 determined finishers crossing the line in its latest edition outshining other notable races, with the exception of the Tata Mumbai Marathon (10979) and the Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon (6019).

2nd Highest Number of Female Runners

One statistic stands out as a shining beacon of progress and inclusion - "the second-highest number of female runners". Whether racing towards the finish line or simply relishing the thrill of the run, our trailblazing female runners prove that anything is possible when you dare to dream big and chase your passions with all your heart.

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"Runners' Anthem" - JBG SHHM Anthem Song (2023)

Testimonials From The Community

From the joy of crossing the finish line to the thrill of surpassing personal bests, these testimonials showcase the transformative impact of the SHHM community and the enduring spirit of human achievement.

The JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon has been tremendously successful in a very short span. That itself speaks volumes about a very well organised event.
Dr. Mahendra Mahajan
World Record Holder Runner & Cyclist, Nashik

JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon is now the new identity of Satara. It has inspired hundreds of people to take up a lifestyle of Fitness and made Running as a Mass movement in Satara and around.

Sandip Patil (IPS)
Former S. P. - Satara

I first ran the Satara hill marathon in 2014 and immediately fell in love with the intimidating yet picturesque route. Due to home commitments, I couldn`t come back for 2 years but decided to do the 2017 edition with the intention of conquering the hill.

Sayuri Dalvi
SuperMom, Avid runner & regular podium Finisher, Mumbai

The Satara Hill Ultra half marathon has been one of my favourite 21.1km races since its inception in 2012. There are several reasons why this half marathon is now, arguably one of the best in the world.

Mr. Amit Sheth
Comrades Ambassador & Author of 'Dare to Run' 
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JBG SHHM 2024 Announcement

13th edition of JBG SHHM is scheduled on 1 September, 2024.

You can track event updates on our Instagram and Facebook pages.