The Founder

About Dr. Sandeep

Dr. Sandeep Suryakant Kate

An avid Runner & Fitness Enthusiast, Dr. Sandeep Suryakant Kate is the Founder & Chairman of the ‘Satara Runners Foundation‘, a non-profit organization that has become the driving force behind the iconic ‘JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon’.

Inspired by his first finish at the Corbett National Park Half Marathon in 2012, Dr. Kate dreamt of organizing a similar event in his hometown of Satara. With the unwavering support of his wife Suchitra, and the backing of their family and friends, Dr. Kate brought his vision to life, creating an event that has become a symbol of unity and the indomitable human spirit.

Despite being managed entirely by volunteers, the SHHM has emerged as one of the most coveted running events in the world, showcasing the collective power of a community that comes together to accomplish the impossible. Through his leadership and unwavering passion, Dr. Sandeep has transformed a simple dream into a global phenomenon that continues to inspire and motivate runners around the world.

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