Frequently Asked Questions

We have arranged a few frequently asked questions and their answers below. If you still have any further queries, please contact us.


  • Who organises the SHHM ?

    The “SHHM – the Ultra Half Marathon” is organised by the SATARA RUNNERS FOUNDATION [SRF ], a non profit organisation. SRF is a group of runners, who has been organising this event, on a voluntary & community basis, since 2012 – with a focus on keeping the “Runner” at the center of all its activities.

  • When will the SHHM 2019 take place ?

    The 9th edition of this popular event is scheduled for Sunday, 13th September 2020. However, due to the unprecedented situation caused by the Corona Pandemic, the event date could possibly be postponed to a latter date. All the guidelines & rules laid down by the Government authorities will be strictly adhered to, in this matter. We should probably be able to make an announcement in this regard around first week of July. [ hopefully earlier – depending on the situation, as it evolves over the next couple of months ]

  • When can I register for SHHM ?

    The original registration date for SHHM 2020 was 10th April 2020 [ on the occasion of the INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE MARATHON ] But it has now been postponed due to the CORONA pandemic situation. We will make an announcement in this regard as soon as possible.

  • What are the events at SHHM ?

    HALF MARATHON (21.1 km), [ a competitive & timed run ] and the DHAMAAL RUN ( a non – competitive and non – timed run )

  • What time will it start ?

    The HALF MARATHON (21.1 km) starts at 6:00 AM. The DHAMAAL run [ Fun Run ] starts at 6.45 AM.

  • Is it a timed event ?

    Yes, Timing chips for computerised recording of the run will be provided to all runners of the HALF MARATHON [ 21.1 km ] EVENT. NO timing chips for the DHAMAAL RUN. [ A Non competitive and theme based run ]

  • What is the last date of registration ?

    To be announced.

  • How do I register ?

    To be announced.

  • How much is the Registration fee ?

    To be announced.

  • Why is the registration fees for outstation runners higher than local satara runners ? Why this Discrimination ?

    Our aim as organisers is to promote & propagate the sport of Distance Running in our predominantly semi rural & rural community. To that end, we offer lower rates for registration to local runners, in comparison to outstation runners.

  • Why is there a limit on the number of registrations ( Especially Outstation runners ) ?

    The SHHM is a very popular event & is much in demand. The demand is far in excess of the available registration slots. However, the organisers cannot increase the registrations due to logistical issues. The organisers want to maintain the high standards set in the past, ensuring a flawless & memorable experience for all runners. Additionally, the accomodation options like Hotels etc are also limited in a small city like Satara, posing an additional challenge, especially for Outstation runners.

  • I am originally from Satara district but now settled elsewhere. Can I register under Local Satara District Runner category ?

    Only runners having a valid residential proof of Satara District will be allowed to register under Local Satara District Runner category . ONLY PAN CARD / ADHAR CARD / PASSPORT shall be considered as residential proof.

  • What happens if an Outstation runner registers under Local Satara category ?

    All registrations will be scrutinised. Any Outstation runners found to have registered in Local category will be disqualified. The registration charges will be refunded after deduction of Rs 300/- as administrative charges & penalty.

  • Is there any Qualifying criteria to register for SHHM ? Can I register first and qualify later ?

    To be announced.

  • What is the DRDP ? Why do I have to pay more to register under this quota??

    The DRDP is a project, under which the SRF raises funds for it”s social & community initiatives – with a focus on running & exercise as a way of life & promotion of a healthy lifestyle in the community.

  • Where does the race start ? Where does it end ?

    The route for all the races is an OUT & BACK course. The Starting point as well as Finish point is the Satara Police Parade ground, near ST Bus stand Satara, meaning we start and finish at the same place ,the Police parade ground. A detailed map of the route, along with the photos of the course, and elevation profile is available on our website. You can have a look at it here : Click Here [ to add link to route map page ] (Final details of the route are subject to approvals and permissions from the respective Official departments. The final announcement in this regard will be made at the appropriate time.)

  • Can I transfer/cancel my registration? Will there be any refund ?

    Sorry, no cancellations / transfers are possible and registration fees are non-refundable.

  • Oops! I have made a mistake in one of my registration fields. How do I correct it ?

    Please send us an email with the correct details and we will update it.

  • There was a problem during registration. I have been charged but I did not receive a confirmation. What should I do ?

    Under exceptional cases, in case the transaction failed at the payment gateway stage, and if the money was debited but a confirmation was not generated, the money will be credited back to your account within 3 working days automatically. However, please email us with details of your registration – date of registration, name and your mail id and we will follow up to ensure the problem is tracked and dealt with.

  • When and where can I collect my Race number/BIB and Race Kit ?

    To be announced.

  • Can I collect my Race kit on any other day ? Can my friend collect it for me ?

    The race kit can be collected only on 12th September 2020, at the Race Expo. It cannot be collected either before or after that ( NOT on race day) It is not possible for us to courier the Race kit or hand it over to any unauthorized person. If you are unable to collect your race kit personally, you can send a person with the Authorisation letter , duly filled in and signed by you , to collect it on your behalf. The Authorisation letter will be available for download on our website & also emailed to you in due course.

  • What are the Medal categories in the Half Marathon event ?

    We have three categories of medals in the Half Marathon event, according to the Cut-off times, as follows : HILL CHAMPION — UPTO 2 HRS ( 2:00:00 ) [ FINISHERS BEFORE 08:00 AM ] HILL CONQUEROR – 2 HRS TO 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ( 2:00:01 TO 2:30:00 ) [ FINISHERS FROM 08:01 TILL 08:30 AM ] HILL CHALLENGER – OVER 2 HRS 30 MINUTES ( 2:30:01 AND ABOVE ) [ FINISHERS AFTER 08:30 AM ] NOTE : The above criteria apply to both male and female runners, across all age groups. The GUN TIME will be considered for the allotment of the Finisher’s medals (NOT CHIP TIME)

  • You have mentioned that one should include “hill-runs” in the training. There are no hills in my area. How should I train for the same, if I want to run and train for the PNB METLIFE SHHM ? Please suggest an alternative if possible.

    You can look out for man-made slopes like parking lots, ramps etc. You can also run on a Treadmill with an inclined ramp. Alternatively, running up and down stairs in a building ( gradually increasing the number of stairs and speed ) is also a good strategy.

  • How much is the Prize money ?

    To be announced.

  • How should I train for the event? Are there any training runs scheduled ?

    To be announced.

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    SHHM 2021 has been rescheduled for 12th December 2021 (subject to the requisite permissions from concerned Authorities). Registration details will be announced in due time. Let’s Hope and Pray for everyone’s safety & Health !