What are the Line-Up sections at SHHM? Is there any Qualifying criteria to participate in JBG SHHM 2024?

There are three Line-Up sections at JBG SHHM.

Section A is for the fastest runners, nearest to the Starting line.
It is followed by the intermediate runners in Section B & the last section is Section C, which is farthest from the Start Point.

The Qualifying criteria for participation in JBG SHHM & Seeding /Line Up section allotment for JBG SHHM 2024 are as follows:

It is not compulsory to have a Timing Certificate from a previous event to participate.
However, we strongly advise you to train well for the event, especially if this is your first event. Follow one of our training programs to make sure you reach the Starting line fully prepared.

Those who do not have / cannot provide any Timing Certificate from a previous event will be automatically allotted Line-Up section C.

If you wish to have a better seeding/Line Up section ( A or B ), then please provide your Finish Time certificate or Results link from a Half or Full Marathon event held on or after 1 April 2023. Timing certificate submitted once cannot be changed or upgraded.

The cutoff times for the qualifying/allocation for Line-Up sections are as follows :

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