The Race Director

Mr. Abhishek Bhandari

Abhishek Bhandari has been an integral part of the JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon since 2014. With an unwavering passion for sports and fitness, Abhishek has devoted himself to the meticulous planning and flawless execution of this annual marathon.

As an ardent sportsman, Abhishek’s love for running is apparent in the various half-marathons that he has conquered with grit and determination. His endurance is unparalleled, as evidenced by his status as a triathlete. But Abhishek doesn’t stop there. He believes in the importance of cross-training and regularly indulges in racquet sports like badminton and tennis.

For Abhishek, fitness is not just physical, but also mental. He understands the significance of mindfulness and incorporates meditation and pranayama in his daily workout routine. This holistic approach to fitness has not only helped him achieve personal goals but has also contributed to his success as a businessman.

With a network that spans across the globe, Abhishek has leveraged his administrative and leadership skills to make the JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon bigger and better with each passing year. His unwavering commitment and passion have transformed this event into a world-class platform that inspires and motivates people to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle.

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