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We believe that JBG Satara Hill Half Marathon is not merely a race; it’s a journey of self-discovery. With each stride, runners strive to achieve their personal best and overcome any obstacles that come their way. And what better way to commemorate this monumental achievement than with a finisher’s medal?

At Satara Runners’ Foundation, we believe in rewarding runners based on their performance and dedication. That’s why we have created three distinct categories of finisher’s medals, each with its own unique design, for runners who achieve specific cut-off times.

With these three categories of finisher’s medals mentioned below, we hope to inspire and motivate runners to strive for excellence, push beyond their limits, and achieve their personal best. And when they finally cross that finish line and receive their well-deserved medal, they can proudly hold it up and say, “I did it.”

Hill Champion

CUT OFF @ 8:30 am

Hill Conqueror

CUT OFF @ 9:00 am

Hill Challenger

CUT OFF @ 10:30 am

No Medal After 10:30 am

We would like to inform you that in order to ensure the race is concluded on time and properly, no medals will be awarded after 10:30 am. Please note that the cut-off times will be strictly enforced as per the official clock at the race venue.

The time considered for the Medal Category, will start at 6:30 am as soon as the race is flagged off and NOT when you cross the Timing mat Start line. Therefore, we encourage you to adjust your pace and effort accordingly, keeping in mind the above-mentioned cut off times.

The Finisher Medals will be awarded according to Gun Time but your Ranking and Official Timing will be as per Chip time.

5 Times Finisher's Medal

Starting 2016 we have been awarding a special medal for runners who would be finishing their 5th Half Marathon at Satara (having run in any 4 out of the previous editions). This special medal has been dedicated to our very own Mr Shankar Natha Pawar, a 96 year old Veteran Runner from Satara. He is an inspiration to all runners & we are proud to dedicate this medal to his legacy.
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