I need help finding accommodation. Can you help?

Unfortunately, we are unable to help regarding the accommodation in Satara. As organizers, we already have our hands full, trying to organize this large event on a voluntary basis, with relatively limited resources. We manage it all with help from our friends & family.

It’s not practically possible for us to get involved with the accommodation aspect of the event.

The available options for accommodation like hotels, lodges, etc in our relatively small city are usually booked by runners well in advance, as soon as event dates are announced each year.

Also, the hotel owners do not cooperate with us, even if we do try to book them at reasonable rates, in advance, for runners.

This limited availability of staying options is the main reason for limiting the number of running slots for Outstation runners in our event.

We always recommend that our runners book accommodation first & then register for Satara. That’s also why we have introduced registration in two steps ( Pre registration and Final registration) so that runners who Pre-registered get some time to look out for accommodation & then go for Final registration, once their accommodation was sorted out. Of they are unable to find accomodation, they can choose to opt out of the Final registration.

If you find it difficult to find a place to stay, we suggest that you look out for accommodation with friends from the Running Community &/or Family friends in & around Satara.

We’re also working on an arrangement for Homestay with local runners to help runners like you, who don’t find a reasonable accommodation.

Do watch out for more updates on our website in this regard.

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