What is the registration process?

Registration for JBG SHHM 2023 will happen in two steps.
Every year, due to popular demand for our event, there’s a lot of rush on registration day. Runners often end up filling incorrect information as they try to complete their registration form online hastily. Many runners also miss their chance to register as the available slots usually fill up in a couple of hours.

That’s why we’re introducing a new process this time, that’ll help everyone to get a fair chance to register for their favorite Half Marathon.

All Athletes who successfully PRE-REGISTER between April 3, 2023 and April 7, 2023 will become eligible for the final Registration process for JBG SHHM 2023.

However, pre-registration DOES NOT GUARANTEE a slot to run in JBG SHHM 2023.

Final Registration will start on April 10, 2023 at 6:00 am ( will be closed as soon as the available spots fill up )

Only Pre-registered candidates will be able to confirm their registration by completing their payment on April 10, 2023, as long as registration spots are available.

So make sure to pre-register between April 3, 2023 and April 7, 2023 to qualify for a chance to register on April 10, 2023.

Candidates who’ve not pre-registered won’t be eligible for the registration process.

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